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Provide instant human-level conversations 24/7, in any language, on any channel. Automate customer support and sales without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

A chat interface that displays a conversation between a customer and a chatbot. The customer asks for a vacuum recommendation, the bot asks a few questions, and then recommends a vacuum.

Cut your costs & win more customers

Save on costs and convert more customers than ever with AI-driven customer support — all for less than the leading ESP.

Customer Support

Automatically handle 90% of support tickets

Decrease costs and improve efficiency while providing instant human-level support 24/7. Handle most tickets without intervention, while handing over tougher cases to humans.

Order tracking
Returns and Refunds handling
Complaints handling
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A chat interface that displays a conversation between a customer and a chatbot. The customer wans to return a product. The bot displays the orders that the customer can return. The customer selects an order.
A chat interface that displays a conversation between a customer and a chatbot. The customer asks the bot to recommend an alternator. The bot asks a few questions and then recommends an alternator.

Shopping Consultant

Make it simpler to purchase the right product

Experience higher conversion rates as your customers find it easier to understand and choose the right products, much like the personal touch of a seasoned salesperson in a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Product recommendations
Product inquiries
Product comparisons
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Intelligent Upselling

Increase average order value with AI-powered upselling

Engage customers with personalized messages that get triggered by specific actions, such as add to cart, product page visits, cart abandonment, or order completion.

Smart Bundling
Historical Upselling
Essential Upselling
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A chat interface that displays a conversation between a customer and a chatbot. The bot notices that the customer bought an iPhone and recommends him to purchase a case and a screen protector.


of queries resolved automatically


increase in conversion rate


higher average order value

Octocom Benefits

Next level support at a fraction of the cost

Improve customer experience, boost sales, and decrease costs with Octocom. It may sound too good to be true, but that's the power of AI.

24/7 instant support

Octocom chatbots provide instant human-level customer support around the clock, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues.


Forget legacy bots with options and predefined answers. Octocom chatbots are inherently conversational and answer any question.


Octocom chatbots speak your customers' language. Our bots are trained in 100+ languages and can change languages on the fly.


Our bots aren't limited to a web-based chat interface. They can be deployed on any channel, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

Fully custom

Octocom chatbots will look, sound, and feel like a natural extension of your brand. We'll customize the bot to fit your unique needs.

Easy to get started

No need to create complicated flowcharts, workflows, or rules. Our team will train the AI to understand your business and needs.

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“Octocom operates 24/7, addressing 87% of inquiries in real-time at the level of human support, across all languages we operate in. This heightens customer satisfaction and facilitates global expansion for our smart card business, without needing extra hires.”

Octocom Integrations

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Octocom provided Tolink with


automated inquiries


saved per month


increased CVR

Connect Octocom to your ecommerce platform

Octocom integrates with a handful of ecommerce tools to provide the best experience for both you and your customers.

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